Adriana Petrescu, Associate Manager la Accenture in Belgia, este singura romanca finalista pentru titlul de “Young Lady of the Year in ICT /IT” in Belgia.

Cateva motive pentru a vota pentru Adriana:

- Certificata in SAP HR si cateva module de SuccessFactors, dupa o experienta de 10 ani in HR si IT. A facut implementari SAP la numeroase grupuri internationale.

- Conduce o implementate de HR (resurse umane) pentru 22 de tari din Europa pentru o Companie multinationala.

- Voluntara ca Mentor pentru a promova femeile cu ONG-ul Connect2Work (din Anvers) care incearca sa educe emigrantii cu studii ca sa se integreze mai bine pe piata muncii in Belgia.

- Face parte din Expert track la firma la care lucreaza si isi ajut colegii mai noi cu sfaturi/recomandari. Expert track/Cariera de expert e pentru cei care se disting prin merite deosebite in domeniul lor (in cazul Adrianei SAP HR).

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Va multumim!

Moving from Romania to Belgium in order to pursue a career opportunity characterizes Adriana Petrescu (1981). She goes for it! Graduating in Human Geography at the Universitatea ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ din lasi (top of her class), she started out as a ‘Human Resources’ (HR) generalist, later moving to the IT-side of HR as a HR (Certified Solution) Consultant for SAP ERP (in addition to certifications for several SAP SuccesFactors modules). Joining Accenture in 2011, after stints at Ness Technologies, The Red Point and Emeritis (the 2010 opportunity), she continued combining her IT expertise and HR business skills in cross-border HR process projects (e.g. today as an EU Global Process Lead for a global product company, deploying Global HR processes in 22 countries).

Adriana Petrescu is deeply convinced that ‘women belong in the IT world and that diversity makes a team stronger’. She shares her expertise with colleagues and offers support within Accenture’s global network, having joined the Expert Career Track in 2016. Through Accenture’s Corporate Citizenship program, she also volunteers as mentor at Connect2Work, the Antwerp based foundation helping highly skilled migrants to integrate in the Belgian labour market (finding positions matching their training, expertise and ambitions). And certainly, she wants to reach out to young women at recruiting events and through social media, to persuade them to go for an IT career. Of particular interest is that Adriana Petrescu successfully combines such a career with being the mother of a three-year-old son, still having time to ‘cut his drawings and sticking them on the furniture’ and ‘giving him a hand with his puzzles’.

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